The theme of #CIM2021 is

            Brave Digital World: Communication Research in the Context of Society 5.0

                You can submit your abstract about any topic related to media and communication studies. However, this year we will focus on "Brave Digital World: Communication Research in the Context of Society 5.0" theme the organize panels around the below titles:

  • •    Digital literacy
    •    The digital divide
    •    Artificial intelligence
    •    Internet of Things
    •    Big data - Open data
    •    Digital Diplomacy
    •    Social networks
    •    Digital culture
    •    Virtual communities
    •    E-Government
    •    Advergaming
    •    Transmedia
    •    Digital citizenship
    •    Digital ethics
    •    Digital communication



  • 1- Public Diplomacy in The Digital World

  • 2 - An Overview of Covid 19 Focused Communication Research


•    Professor Nicholas Cull (University of Southern California)
Public diplomacy and the digital diplomacy
•    Professor Rhonda Zaharna (American University)
Strategic communication and public diplomacy
•    Professor Henry Jenkins (University of Southern California)
Brave New Media
•    Professor James Curran (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Are we living through a media revolution?
•    Professor Glenn W. Muschert (Khalifa University)
•    Professor Michael L. Kent (University of New South Wales)
Dialogical Theory
•    Dr. Massimo Ragnedda (Northumbria University)
The internet and social inequality


The CIM 2021 will be broadcasted on Zoom.



26-27 October 2021


Hosted by

Atatürk University, Communication Faculty


Erzurum, Turkey

Communication in the Millennium is an annual,

peer-reviewed international symposium.


The world is getting smaller with high technology-based communication systems which also bring people together. Communication scholars and practitioners, especially, should be close to one another and this is why we are gathering them and preparing a platform for discussion. The responsibility of the symposium is growing day by day, as its main idea is communication in the new millennium. The aim of this symposium is to establish and continue an international multidisciplinary forum for the development of an innovative and inspiring dialogue among communication scholars and practitioners.

Secondly, popular and main issues of the communication field in the new millennium will be discussed. And with this dialogue, future projects and comparative studies will hopefully be developed.

The symposium aims to foster and promote work that is intended to make a constructive contribution to the communication field and its development.

•    Digital attention economy
•    Digital media
•    Digital reality
•    Blogs
•    Reverse mentoring
•    Digital entertainment
•    Cybercrime
•    Digital capitalism
•    Cyberfeminism
•    Digital Parenting
•    Digital narcissism
•    Digital economy
•    Digital footprint
•    Echo chamber
•    Digital addiction

  • •    Digital access
    •    Digital commerce
    •    Digital rights and law
    •    Digital privacy and security
    •    Digital responsibility
    •    Digital health
    •    Digital identity
    •    Digital transformation
    •    Digital labor
    •    Digital intelligence
    •    Digital disinformation
    •    Digital misinformation
    •    Digital generations
    •    Authentication sources
    •    Digital activism